Tuebor Precision is a firearms manufacturing and customization company based in the heart of West Michigan. Tuebor (too-ey-bawr) is on the crest of the Michigan State flag and means “I will defend”. These words have struck a chord in our hearts many times over the years, and we feel that there is no better way to describe what we do. Here at Tuebor Precision, we feel that we are truly defending an American dream; a dream to manufacture, promote, and cooperate with companies that produce products here in this great nation that we have served to protect. We demonstrate that by teaming up with veteran-owned and operated businesses and charities all over the country. We are an all Marine Corps veteran team with a passion (obsession) to design and innovate not just any old gun, but to produce a quality custom precision firearm that will last a lifetime. We want you to be able to make our firearms generational; something you would be proud to pass on to your son or daughter. Our mission is to provide custom rifles at a price point that your dream gun becomes your next gun.