Stainless Steel Raider


Stainless Steel Raider

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-Action machined from 416 Stainless Steel

-Bolt machined from 4140CM steel

-Bolt comes standard with DLC coating

-Fully field strippable bolt
(Twist lock design)

-Aluminum bolt knob and cocking piece shroud for added weight savings

-Extra long port and magazine cut out for SAUM and WSM cases

-Specially designed ejection port to aid in a low extraction angle, preventing spent cases from hitting your windage adjustment knob on your expensive scope

-Short throw, 75 degree bolt throw, 2-lug design allows for faster follow up shots and less shooter position disruption over a standard two lug.

-Selective fluting on our bolts keeps the look of a sexy fluted bolt, but doesn't ratchet over your rounds in your magazine

-Side bolt release

-Double pinned recoil lug for perfect alignment every time in the event you make it a switch barrel

-Mini M-16 extractor, rips cases from the chamber, even in the event of an over pressure round

-Fits all Remington 700 footprint stocks and triggers

-Proudly manufactured in the great state of Michigan with American made machines and American made tooling.